Neu: lustige Spruchkarten


Neu: lustige Spruchkarten

Neues Produkt in unserer «ussa-siter» Produktlinie.

Handfertige Doppelkarte mit einem schweizerdeutschen Sprichwort, welches wortwörtlich auf Englisch übersetzt wurde.

now is enough, hay down
this is me sousage.
I'm fix and finish
morning hour has gold in the mouth
... you go me on the cookie!
I have the nose full!
... this is not the yellow of the egg!
I understand just train station
... now we have the saled!
Don't paint the devill on the wall
Don't open a office
I show you where Bartli the must picks up
... I belive I spider!
you make me fox devils wild
... You go me on the ghost!

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solution by skipp